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Established in 1978, Railey & Associates is an executive search firm specializing in the nationwide and international search/recruitment of attorneys and legal executives. Our clientele are both corporate legal departments and law firms. We undertake searches ranging from 2+ years' experience to General Counsel, Senior Partner and Legal Administrator, with most of our recruiting in the mid and upper echelons.  

Four factors distinguish Railey & Associates:

Qualified candidates.
At any given time thousands of attorneys, from recent law school graduate to General Counsel, Partner and top executive, have registered their portfolios with us as candidates for career advancement. Initial screening has yielded several hundred who merit thorough interview and careful background inquiry – measures which provide pertinent data on which informed decisions can be reached. This select group of candidates is comprised of individuals of truly exceptional talent and personal strengths.

Network of contacts.
In addition to our voluminous database of candidates, ready access to prospective candidates, knowledgeable referral sources and legal executives in the oil and gas, oil service, engineering and construction and other industries and law firms is afforded by our extensive network of contacts with legal professionals at all levels of practice and management. We have assiduously developed and meticulously maintained our sources and contacts over several decades.

Up-to-date information.
Through constant information research and continual colloquy with the legal community, we are well informed about trends and developments in the profession, business and industry and can provide guidance on remuneration packages, geographic cost-of-living differentials, etc. 

The fourth and central factor is judgment, that is, the exercise of those faculties of reason and common sense which are gained from knowledge and experience and which result in objective and authoritative decisions and actions. In particular is the ability of consultants at Railey & Associates to comprehend fully the position requirements and to assess accurately candidates’ intellectual and leadership strengths, personality characteristics, academic record and career experience and interests. All aspects of the search/recruitment process are conducted with the utmost regard for discretion and confidentiality. 

In turning to an outside resource for assistance in a task as vital as the selection of a member of your team or your career advancement, you will demand integrity, sound judgment and a proven record of accomplishment. I trust that my firm will always meet your expectations.

J. Larry Railey

Larry pic.jpg
M.S., West Virginia University
B.A. Magna Cum Laude, West Virginia University
Established executive search firm in Houston, Texas.
Director, Special Services, State University of New York at Albany
Rehabilitation Counselor, Delaware Department of Labor
City Councilman (elected), Morgantown, West Virginia; Chairman (appointed by Mayor), Public Health & Safety Committee
United States Air Force

Pearl Symphony© by Rosalind Railey

Now we want to tell you about something that is unique – Pearl Symphony© by Rosalind "Rose" Railey. Larry’s wife, Rose, designs and creates jewelry. Pearl Symphony© by Rosalind Railey is a Rose for PS website.jpgcollection of more than 100 beautiful and unique necklace, bracelet and earring designs. Rose, a truly talented artist, is from the Philippines and was a teacher in an international school there until 2001 when she was recruited by a local school district in Houston to teach at a magnet school. “Growing up in the beautiful Philippine islands, a tropical paradise in the South Pacific, I was surrounded by the beauty of nature everywhere and have always had a deep appreciation of color and form,” says Rose. Loving the beauty of individual gems, she is a composer of beautiful “visual music,” the gems she selects and arranges being the musical notes in a “visual symphony,” evoking the world’s great classical music. “Each of my designs is one of a kind and from my heart,” Rose explains simply.