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Over the decades corporate legal departments and law firms have repeatedly retained Railey & Associates for recruiting attorneys and legal executives, and I am ready to marshal our resources for fulfilling your hiring requirements. We are especially accomplished in upper echelon and difficult searches; time and again I have found the right candidate when other search firms could not. Having completed many searches for attorneys and legal executives for corporate legal departments and law firms, I can save you very considerable time and effort when you need an attorney or legal executive. When I discuss the position and requirements with the hiring officer, I ask specific, detailed questions so that I have a full and clear understanding of all important aspects.  I personally carefully evaluate each candidate’s credentials and include an addendum of vital information with the candidate portfolio. A resume by itself is inadequate for portraying characteristics such as personality, demeanor, facility and getting along well with others, initiative, leadership ability, etc. It is Railey & Associates’ experience and judgment about these essential characteristics as well as the candidate’s academic record and career experience and interests for which your search fee pays. Be assured at the outset that the candidates I recommend will be worthy of your time - I don’t “float” marginal candidates in the hope that some lucky chemistry will occur.

Since 1978 we have completed searches for attorneys and legal executives for

  • Aramco Services
  • Arco
  • BP Amoco
  • Conoco-Phillips
  • Devon Energy/Mitchell Energy – 13 attorneys and legal executives
  • Exxon-Mobil
  • Chevron/Getty Oil
  • Gulf States Utilities
  • Hess Corporation – 3 general attorneys
  • Marathon Oil
  • Shell Oil
  • Tenneco – 10 attorneys
  • Tesoro
  • Texas Oil and Gas
  • Transamerica Corp. – Associate GC
  • Valero

as well as a number of non-energy companies, including

  • Bechtel Corp.
  • Compaq (now HP) – Associate GC
  • Holiday Inn
  • KBR
  • KPMG
  • Southland Corp.

We have also completed searches for top law firms, including

  • Baker Botts
  • Hall Estill
  • Jones Walker
  • Mayor Day (now Andrews & Kurth).

Railey & Associates retainer fee agreement is generally preferred for positions remunerating above $150,000. We can modify the agreement to be in accord with any special search/recruitment terms or conditions you customarily exercise. I think you will be pleased to note that our fee is calculated only on annual salary, not on salary + bonus + other incentive as do most other search firms. This substantially cuts your cost. Our contingency fee agreement is available for specific non-retained recruitment situations and is also calculated only on annual salary. I look forward to discussing details with you; I am available anytime by email or phone.