Pearl Symphony© by Rosalind Railey

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Now we want to tell you about something that is unique – Pearl Symphony© by Rosalind "Rose" Railey. Larry’s wife, Rose, designs and creates jewelry. Pearl Symphony© by Rosalind Railey is a collection of Rose for PS website.jpgmore than 100 beautiful and unique necklace, bracelet and earring designs. Rose, a truly talented artist, is from the Philippines and was a teacher in an international school there until 2001 when she was recruited by a local school district in Houston to teach at a magnet school. “Growing up in the beautiful Philippine islands, a tropical paradise in the South Pacific, I was surrounded by the beauty of nature everywhere and have always had a deep appreciation of color and form,” says Rose. Loving the beauty of individual gems, she is a composer of beautiful “visual music,” the gems she selects and arranges being the musical notes in a “visual symphony,” evoking the world’s great classical music. “Each of my designs is one of a kind and from my heart,” Rose explains simply.

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PS19-1 - $39.00
PS02-1 - $39.00
PS59-1 - $39.00
PS10-1bl - $39.00
PS40-1 - $39.00
PS47-1 - $39.00
PS63-1 - $39.00
PS45-1 - $39.00
PS65-1 - $39.00
PS46-1 - $39.00
PS04-1 - $39.00
PS49-1 - $39.00
PS06-1 - $39.00
PS07-2 - $49.00
PS07-2gl - $49.00
PS24-2 - $50.00

Shipping & Handling: $5.00 for the first set of jewelry and $3.00 for each additional set when shipped together. Tax (8.25%) for Texas residents will be applied.